Daedalus' Contribution to the Alleviation of Problems Associated with Water Poverty

"Water is the basis of life, and our stewardship of it will determine not only the quality but the staying power of human societies."

Water Poverty Daedalus’ contribution to the alleviation of water poverty is to produce water systems for emerging areas, systems that are engineered for the circumstances in which they are to be employed.

Daedalus' approach is consistent with its goal of promoting sustainable economic growth and community: to provide initial systems for certain areas and then to establish manufacturing sites for the production of additional systems.

Technology is available today to eliminate many problems associated with global water poverty. Clean drinking water can be produced at the rural level, on an affordable basis using engineered systems, and Daedalus is dedicated toward that end.

Daedalus' approach lacks the fanfare of a massive new dam project, or the installation of a massive but it can provide an extremely cost-effective and economically sustainable approach to the problem. It is an approach to water management, and the basic necessities of life for all people, that views people and water as related parts of a greater whole. It does not depend upon the further manipulation of rivers, lakes and streams to meet our insatiable demands.

As with the issue of basic shelter, Daedalus’ approach inevitably leads to deeper questions of human values, in particular, how to narrow the unacceptably wide gap between the haves and the have-not's while remaining within the bounds of what natural systems can sustain.

Scientific and Technical Staff


Daedalus’ scientific and technical experience includes research and development, manufacture, testing, and evaluation of systems for United States Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and private industry involving various hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment processes, including potable and industrial waste water treatment processes employing oil-water separation, deaerating feed systems, flocculators, clarifiers, reverse osmosis and membrane systems covering the entire filtration spectrum. 

Daedalus does not presently have the capacity to enter into the market for large municipal water processing systems. Daedalus maintains strategic partnerships with firms capable of participating in those projects on a worldwide basis. Daedalus’ principal focus will remain upon those rural areas that do not have adequate fresh water, and for which moderately priced, economical systems are non-existent.


In addition to the direct placement of engineered systems, Daedalus’ goal is to align with innovative and aggressive organizations, worldwide, that are focused upon alleviation of water poverty at the community level.